Situated in Luhuitou Bay (Sanya, China), consists of 42 individual guest rooms with a diverse range of room typologies.
Led by Manuel N. Zornoza, together with Andrea Ramos Rodriguez, Bo Liu, Jersy Biel, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Lisa Bai, Li Xiangyu, and Lucia Bravo Guinea, from both Madrid and Beijing offices. The proposal emphasizes the remarkable location of this project by maximizing the exposure to natural light and ensuring that all spaces can face and enjoy the seaside.
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该案由马努·索诺萨主持,并由来自马德里和北京两组设计师团队: Andrea Ramos Rodriguez, 刘博, Jersy Biel, Jorge Cortes de Castro, 白杨, 李翔宇和Lucia Bravo Guinea共同完成。本案充分考虑该项目的绝佳地理位置,最大化地利用自然光线,确保所有空间均可以观望和欣赏海景。