Andrea Ramos is a project architect who has been working in LATITUDE’s Madrid office for the last two years.

At present, LATITUDE’s on-going projects in China have been increased, for the purpose of a smooth and efficient design implementation, LATITUDE assigned Andrea to join the team in Beijing.

Her mission working in Beijing is a “bridge-building” process: to transmit our expertise from the west, and to implement our design into the east, connecting our knowledge and experience from both sides.
This strategy is also in line with LATITUDE’s company philosophy, which we emphasized that our architecture is shaped by the combination of on-site conditions and our own expertise, pragmatism and intuition, where technique and social art meet.

From now on, Andrea will work closely with Manuel N. Zornoza (Principal Architect) and Beijing project management team on design development and implementation, while maintaining strong communication with design team in Madrid.

Her involvement will largely improve the design implementation of our on-going projects. We believe this working mode will reinforce us as a group to a continued growth and development in the up-coming years.