MeePark is an innovative space for the most recognized communication services group, Bluefocus, in China. The Group will use this space to organize international events for its high profile clients. It is a 600sqm space which locates in the north area of Beijing 798 Art Zone, Universal Creative Park.

MeePark is designed into two main areas: the F&B and the events area. When entering the venue through main entrance on north side, a two-floor dining area will come into your view. Walking through it, you will see a 7.6m-high-flexible space. It is the second main area which used to be an old factory. Now, it is reborn to a place for various sorts of events and activities. The BlueFocus’s new brand, MeePark, is specialized in Technology, Contemporary Art and Digital Communication, including a space to experience virtual reality.


The material selection ranges from warm wood flooring to polycarbonate, glass and steel vertical surface. This selection aims to highlight the technological nature of the space, with a predominance of LED screens installation in almost all walls which allows it to having different presentations formats easily.

MeePark will become an ideal platform for people to meet, socialize, and organize activities and events. This project is set to be completed during summer 2016, stay tuned with our progress!