Daxing Exhibition Center was designed by LATITUDE originally in 2013 and recently opens. It is conceived as a spiral exhibition space that captivates its visitors’ attention all the way through indoor and outdoor areas and from bottom to top. It aims to display the appearance, trademark look and materials of the future mall which will be built next by.
The journey leads visitors through an exhibition space that begins with the reception of the guest; continues through an auditorium; display areas with 1:1 scale mock-ups; resting zone and finishes with the outlook of the future shopping mall building from the highest terrace of the showroom.
The dynamic façade gives a sense of constant movement and dynamicity to the building, reflecting the commercial activity that will take place in the area, and reflecting as well the dynamicity of Beijing. The ordinary functions of a showroom are combining here with the enjoyment of a journey that takes you in and out, from representation to the reality.

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