The site inspection of Daxing Showroom took place on July 15th by Principal Architect Manuel N. Zornoza together with client representatives in Beijing.

Up to today, the structure of the building has been completed, as well part of the façade. The internal utilities such as: plumbing, electricity, ventilation systems are added. Beside, parts of the mock-up rooms’ walls are built. The whole project is set to be completed by August 31st, until then, final cladding, floor covering, furnishing and major appliances will be installed.

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LATITUDE-daxing showroom


截至今日,该样板房的结构主体已搭建完成,外立面局部建成。内部应用设施,如:水路、电路布线、通风设施等也已安装完毕,此外,室内部分样板间的外墙已搭建成。 整个工程预计今年8月31日完成。镀层、地砖铺设、家具软装以及大型设备等工作将在这段时间陆续完成。