We are excited and proud to announce that LATITUDE’s first building Daxing Shopping Mall Showroom in China tops out!



The construction of the 3-floors’ showroom is set to be completed by the end of 2014. Upon completion in the beginning of 2015, the showroom will be dedicated to exhibition space, bringing the visitors the understandings of the outer appearance and interior space of the future shopping mall. As a result of a shortlisted competition date back to June 2013, LATITUDE’s Beijing team developed this project from its Concept design to the Design Development.




Led by Manuel N. Zornoza, and managed by Lihui Sim, the team was composed by Amos Hu, Frank Zhan, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Leo Li, Lu Xiao, Phyo Yanadar Oo, Yiye Lin, and Bo Liu as an interior designer.

It is now one year and half later that LATITUDE has obtained a wider experience in understanding the local conditions, transferring its ideas into practice and transforming the drawings into concrete architecture!

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2013年6月,纬度建筑投标该案,并获得设计竞赛一等奖。中标后,从概念设计至设计深化主要由纬度建筑北京设计团队完成。Manuel N. Zornoza担任主持设计师并由岑丽慧担任项目经理,设计团队由胡家源、占舜迪、Jorge Cortes de Castro、李冀、肖路、Phyo Yanadar Oo、林溢晔组成,室内设计由刘博担任。