LATITUDE’s Mixed-use towers will revitalize the East area of the Taiyuan river into a new commercial and residential center.

These two towers are a new 40-and-23-storey high-rise complex located on the West bank of the river in Taiyuan. The office tower -the highest- has been carefully carved to introduce a new perspective from the street, and that at the same time, avoids the standard tower’s full height.

The boutique hotel tower – the smallest- is excavated in its curtain wall to reveal the inner life of the building. This creates a profile for Taiyuan skyline while generating a set of specific features -indoor/outdoor spaces with plunge pools and terraces. The horizontal element which links both towers is a covered plaza which accommodates an extensive mix of dining and leisure facilities.

The design dismantles the typical tower and podium typology, creating not a tower in isolation but instead a skyscraper that melds with the city.