New Year is a point where the past is connected with the future.
We would like to take this occasion to invite you to review our “history”, meet our people and relieve the
moments that define our company to this day.

Explore and enjoy!



2010 / A Sense of China
Founder / Principal architect Manuel N. Zornoza set foot in China for the first time;
The Architecture proposal Wangfujing Mixed-use Center (Beijing) won First Prize competition.

2011 – 2012 / Among Chances
LATITUDE was established in Barcelona by Manuel, whilst a 42sqKm Urban design project, Baisha River City (Henan Province), was undergoing in collaboration with Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

2013 / The Great Leap
It  was a busy yet exiting year. We started receiving more projects from mainland China.
From small scale interior design project (Entourage Lounge, Beijing) to big scale urban design project (IT Campus, Fuzhou), our team was facing challenge for the first time.

2014 / Getting Real
LATITUDE office in Madrid was established due to the increased design necessities. It eventually became the design center for all our projects.
In May, our team in Beijing relocated to a new office in the CBD area of Beijing, as the management office for our projects in Asia.
At the end of 2014, LATITUDE China Company was officially registered.

2015 / One Step Further
LATITUDE moved one step further by implementing building computational simulations (in collaboration with BAC Engineering Group) into our design process, bringing a new understanding of how conditions such as: local climate, energy consumption and structural efficiency can shape our buildings.
Under this philosophy, we have been actively participated in international design competitions for projects in New York, Chicago, Geneva and Helsinki.

2016 / New Year’s “Resolution”
We believe that great architecture happens by understanding the local conditions: climate, techniques, materials, regulations, neighbors, cities… After the first formative years under Manuel’ solo voice, we have decided to expand the leadership to our team leaders. They will start working shoulder by shoulder with every party involved during the design process. This action will give us more strength as a group for a continued growth and development over the next years.

Legacy to be continued… Thanks for your support!