Due to the significant role of airports in terms of its wider urban function, Manuel N. Zornoza was invited to participate in discussing the possibility to integrate social infrastructure into a broader spectrum of facilities such as leisure, shopping, hotels, conferences, exhibitions and entertainment centers.
Manuel N. Zornoza 应邀参加悉地国际2012新立方建筑文化论坛 。他认为,当今机场航站楼逐渐彰显它在城市中的重要性,此次论坛以《复杂工程实践》为主题,Manuel N. Zornoza在此次论坛就《机场航站楼设计与建造的挑战》给予精彩演报告,报告中他曾提到“应将基础设施的功能范围放宽,机场是都市的延伸,它不局限于满足人们的出行需求,而且能够提供给公众一个休闲、购物、住宿、会议场所、展示中心以及娱乐等不同场所的可能。