Manuel N. Zornoza was invited as international speaker, together with R. Yamamoto, Johannes Reinsch (KSP) and Stephan Schütz (GMP) to give a lecture at the Tianjin Cultural Center as part of the congress “Cultivate City Culture”.

This event was organized by Urban Planning Society of Tianjin; Urban Planning Association of Tianjin; and co-organizer by UED(Urban-Environment-Design) Magazine Press, on September 2nd. This academic event gathered professionals to exchange knowledge and understandings about architecture and urban culture.

Manuel N. Zornoza先生以国际嘉宾身份出席9月2日在天津举行的天津文化中心“培育城市文化”学术论坛,同时应邀出席的嘉宾还有日本山本理显先生、德国KSP约翰尼斯·雷西先生、德国GMP斯特凡·胥茨先生。此次活动由天津市城市规划设计研究院、天津市城市规划学会,并由《城市·环境·设计(UED)》杂志社承办。此次论坛为业界同行及学者提供了关于建筑设计与城市设计学术交流平台。