Cadex is an International event for top material suppliers, manufacturers, Real Estate professionals, building contractors, and architects. During March 22, 23 and 24, Cadex held seminars and panels exhibition with professionals coming worldwide: Cruz y Ortiz; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; RTKL; Richard Meier & Partners. LATITUDE had the honour to participate together with these leading companies in the field of architecture.


Manuel N. Zornoza participated in talking about three LATITUDE’s projects in China with large urban implications:


Baisha River City, in the city of Zhengzhou (China): an urban design for a community of 500,000 people. The design aims to link contemporary urban conceptions with traditional Chinese urban civilizations. The proposal expresses a commitment to make a completely penetration of the original landscape into the urban structure that will define the feature of the urban identity; representing the spirit that guided so many cities in ancient China along the Yellow River.
LATITUDE-03-BAISHA_bird view
IT Campus, in Fuzhou, in the east coast of China: an office complex that will work as a platform for innovative thinking and knowledge exchange. The goal of this technology campus is to create a working environment suitable for the production, interchange and management of IT knowledge: seven office towers, with the tallest ones on the northern part of the plot, and the lowest on the south, next to the river, with a two-story podium for commercial and office use.
Wangfujing Center, in Beijing, a multi-functional building that reinvents the organization of the Chinese “Hutong” housing to design a roof top with houses and common areas. A building where to have different possibilities of activities: living, commercial and entertainment. Its shape responds to precise dimensions (135×135 meters and 40 meters height) due to its proximity to the Forbidden City.




建筑纪元展是汇聚世界顶级材料供应商、生产商、建筑商、房地产专业人士及建筑师的国际活动。展会于3月22至3月24日间举办了研讨会,维度建筑荣幸地与包括Cruz y Ortiz; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; RTKL; Richard Meier & Partners在内的建筑领域中的翘楚公司共同参与了此次活动。

白沙滨水新城,郑州 (中国)

中国福州中科数据产业园 ,福州 (中国)

王府井综合体,北京 (中国)