Chicago Architecture Biennial Lakefront Pavilion

Kiosks scattered as mini social hubs throughout the city of Chicago

The mission of the Lakefront Kiosk Competition is to support innovative architectural work and to use the city—more specifically, the iconic shoreline of Lake Michigan—as a laboratory for architectural experimentation.



LATITUDE’s pavilion proposal is a multifunctional space featured with a few key elements: a platform to elevate the pavilion one foot above street level; a cantilever roof to create an expressive space together with aluminum leaves; and a movable wall to adjust the size of the enclosed area. The pavilion has been designed with the intention of being displayed in Millennium Park during the Chicago Architectural Biennial (October 2015-January 2016) as a featured component of its exhibition program. In the spring of 2016, it will be moved to the Michigan lakefront, serves as a kiosk during the summer.

Wind and sunlight work in tandem with the pavilion’s aluminum leaves to create a changing and evocative space under the cantilever roof.

These aluminum leaves —inspired by the leaf of the sugar maple, a local tree— are moved by a slight breeze allowing sunlight to enter the pavilion. As the wind changes, so does the illumination of this space. The movable elements that configure this pavilion allow the enclosed space to change in size and function in order to accommodate a variety of activities. The flexible spaces and the possibility to be used both when it is open or closed will make it an important landmark for both tourists and Chicago residents.

The whole project will be prefabricated and easy to transport to the different locations. The design, flexibility and simplicity of maintenance make this pavilion an ideal project for the city of Chicago.

Photo Credit: Iwan Baan / Chicago, 2014

Location: Chicago, USA
Year: 2015
Type: Competition
Status: Proposal
Client: Chicago Park District, City of Chicago
Program: 20 m2
Budget: 85,000€
Service: Architecture
Sector: Leisure
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Team (A~Z): Lucia Bravo Guinea, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Andrea Ramos Rodriguez
Online featurings:
Bustler, 2015.07.24
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