Entourage Lounge

Creating the relaxed atmosphere of a bar by bringing together elements of art, humor and fantasy

The accommodation of this 200 sqm-place into an art-gallery-lounge gives us the opportunity to explore different ways of displaying art inside a place which is traditionally conceived as a chill-out space. The gallery is organized as three-concatenated spaces: the “Light Fall Room”, the “Mirror Room” and the “Dada Room”.

The white walls of the Light Fall Room display a so-called “untouched nature”: the only piece of art which cannot be purchased.

The Light Fall Room and the Mirror Room are connected with a steel structure which performs as an art sculpture. Once the visitor -consumer- enters the Mirror Room, s/he finds a spectrum of lights and reflections due to the incorporation of an orchestrate disposition of mirrors and paintings embedded into the walls. In the Dada Room, the furniture is conceived as timeless art made of raw materials. Moreover, the walls are refined with matte colors and steel elements. Ambient light tubes and spot lights in the Mirror Room and the Dada Room contrast with the light fall in the first one.

As a result, this space is conceived as journey a trough unique atmosphere which makes the space works together with the displayed art in terms of fantasy, sense of abstraction and humor.




这个200平米室内面积的艺术画廊酒吧给予来访者探索、体验、享受不同种艺术陈列方式的机会,也是一处休闲、放松的场所。整个画廊由三个空间串联而成, 分别为“吊灯间”,“镜画间” 和“达达间”。

“吊灯间”纯白色的墙面所展示的正是那最无价的“ 原始自然”。连接“吊灯间”与“镜画间”的是一座钢结构艺术雕塑。


Location: Beijing, China
Year: 2013
Type: Commission
Status: Completed
Client: Ammo Catering Culture Co., Limited
Progam: 200 m2
Budget: 115,000€
Services: Interiors
Sector: Leisure
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Project Manager: Lihui Sim
Team (A~Z): Xi Heng, Wang Heyi, Yang Yushan
Photographer: Bolin Li
Online featurings:
AEECafe, 2014.10.29
Archy, 2014.10.28
Cnmd, 2014.03.28
Zhulong, 2014.03.28