Hopson Consulting Department

Archives as the defining feature of the workplace

Recordkeeping presents an important challenge to any organization. Although the current tendency is to store all files in the cloud, some companies still need to keep large amounts of physical records for indefinite periods of time. Day after day, the increasing number of records becomes a hindrance given the limited storage space in an office environment.

To solve the dilemma, Latitude was commissioned to design a working space of 280 square meters for the consulting department of Hopson Development Holdings, a leading Chinese real estate company. Thus, the demanding archive requirements became an opportunity for inspiration, the key factor to design a unique workplace. With enough height to harbor an access area and a mezzanine level, workstations were organized into single-height spaces, whereas archives were designed as double-height spaces.

The later coincide with representative areas such as the office entrance and an open meeting area located next to the building’s façade.

An elegantly curved staircase interconnects both floors, while also dividing each one into two areas. On the access floor, it separates the reception from the open working area and; at the mezzanine level, it divides the boardroom from the working area.

The whole space is organized by an intuitive understanding of daily use; while selected materials such as wood, white aluminum and green gardens create a warm atmosphere. The archive can be accessed by any employee without effort.

To display the company’s archive with files and books imbues a strong identity to the workplace.

Such an identity is further emphasized by tailored furniture, as tables follow the design spirit of the office, showcasing a geometric nature and a range of materials that harmonize with the features displayed in the archive.






Location: Beijing, China
Year: 2016 ~ 2018
Type: Commission
Status: Proposal
Client: Hopson Development Holdings
Program area: 280 m2
Budget: 100,000€
Service: Interiors
Sector: Workplace
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Project Architect: Andrea Ramos Rodriguez
Team (A~Z): Manuel Coves Botella, Maria Diaz Martin, Efrain Redondo Castillo, Li Xueying, Wen Zhang
Photographer: Hector Peinador
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