Hopson Law Department

The workspace defined around an atrium

Rather frequently, large working spaces are organized as labyrinthine corridors. They are conceived either as open plans without properly identified areas or as consecutive private rooms that hardly foster communication. Every day, we spend large amounts of energy walking from A to B and back to A, feeling disoriented and sending e-mails to a person sitting just ten meters away from us.

In 2016, LATITUDE was commissioned to design a workspace of 1,100 square meters for the law department of Hopson Development Holdings, a renowned Chinese corporation. Trusting us with such an important endeavor, we approached the complex issue from the user’s point of view.

We analyzed the needs and desires of the staff, managers and directors, that is to say, all the people working together in the office space.

Furthermore, we considered the energy and effort spent in their daily routine, and carefully thought about how to improve the way they communicate and work together. As a result, we effectively reduced the time employees spend on circulation by dividing the space into three well-organized zones.
The central zone contains two staircases, facing the east and west zones respectively. Both staircases are located in a double-height atrium, the main element that determines the organization of the space. Vertical and horizontal lines use it as reference, providing intuitive readability to the totality of the space, and thus eliminating disorientation.
The mezzanine floor mainly provides open working areas for the staff and enclosed rooms for managers in the south wing. There is also an open corridor around the atrium that works as an informal space for social interaction.
The access floor contains workstations for the management in the central area of the atrium, which in turn is surrounded by meeting rooms. The later provide a space for interaction between the staff and the management that normally works at the enclosed rooms by the perimeter of the floor.
The reception and boardroom can be found north and south of the atrium respectively. Both rooms were designed as double-height spaces due to the importance of their representative functions.

The range of colors is limited to black, white and green, matched with materials such as marble, glass and carpets. This combination of colors and materials provides the workspace with a comfortable, yet elegant atmosphere. Concise spatial organization, clear location of diverse functional spaces, and a tailored design according to the user’s needs, deliver a comfortable experience at the workplace.
Eventually, employees working here spend less energy to communicate with each other and, at the same time, feel as part of a team sharing common endeavors.







Location: Beijing, China
Year: 2017 ~ 2018
Type: Commission
Status: Proposal
Client: Hopson Development Holdings
Program area: 1,100 m2
Budget: 500,000€
Service: Interiors
Sector: Workplace
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Project Architect: Andrea Ramos Rodriguez
Team (A~Z): Manuel Coves Botella, Maria Diaz Martin, Efrain Redondo Castillo, Li Xueying, Wen Zhang
Online featurings:
AECCafe, 2018.03.08