The Studio as a Dynamic Workplace

Advertisers, stylists and image consultants play a key role in the careers of the world’s most recognized celebrities. Behind the enhanced image of an actor or actress in a movie, there is always a great stylist. On this subject, film directors are usually advised by professional stylists that work in glamorous studios where the best clothes, styles and personal images are crafted. As Christian Dior wrote in his autobiography: “Studios are capable of deciphering the hieroglyphs of fashion”.

Designed by Latitude, Lab7 is a studio where garments and attires can be selected, tried and adjusted, all in a single space. Designed without ordinary workstations, the studio is a dynamic space where multiple confluences meet. Here, a team of stylists interprets the wishes of film directors and artists, understands their ambitions and desires, and becomes familiar with the general aesthetics pursued.

The “magic box” located at the center of the 450 m2 site delivers the perfect environment to test and evaluate garments, providing light walls and two stages to the north and south of the structure. During these tests, fabrics, embroidery and all the elements that make up finished attires are defined and attributed. With this in mind, the magic box is designed as a bespoke jeweler, a three-dimensional structure made of golden steel that frames a workspace. This structure can be kept completely clear, used as a shelf or equipped with acrylic panels. It dynamically creates walls and ceilings, allowing a dialogue between internal and external elements.

The lightness of the steel structure rests in solid terrazzo-like flooring presented in two gray tones.

At the center of the magic box, a large white marble table on a copper-toned base functions as a meeting area, workstation and gathering point serviced by a utility room located on the north side. Around it, the sewing workshop is found to the left, where lines and materials for the garments are produced, while actors and actresses are prepared in the makeup area. To the south, the archive and meeting rooms use the steel structure of the magic box to accommodate books, portfolios and art pieces. On the north section, a living room connected to a skylighted garden welcomes visitors to comment on projects in a customizable environment.

Along with the meeting and living rooms, the sewing workshop and the archives, a photography studio, a reception and a storage room complete the areas surrounding the magic box. The studio is used to photograph actors and actresses with their attires on as a final test. The magic box grants access from the main reception area that also doubles as an exhibition space. Its floors and walls are composed of stone tiles that provide a feeling of gravity as a counterpart to the lightness of the golden steel structure.



在世界公认名流们的一生中,广告人、造型师及形象顾问担负着举足轻重的作用。影片中男女演员光鲜靓丽的形象后面,总有着一位伟大的造型师。在这一问题上,电影导演通常会听取专业造型师建议,在富丽堂皇的工作室工作,打造最佳服装、风格与个人形象。正如Christian Dior自传所述:“工作室足以解码时尚符号。”






Location: Beijing, China
Year: 2017 ~ 2018
Type: Commission
Status: OnGoing
Client: LAB7
Program area: 450 m2
Budget: 200,000 €
Service: Interiors
Sector: Leisure
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Project Architect: Andrea Ramos Rodriguez
Team (A~Z): María Díaz Martín, Mario Sebastián González, Li Xueying