Lakefront Mings Café Renovation

How to invigorate this unique building and prepare it for the weekend enjoyment in Shanghai?

The project aims to restore and refurbish Mings Café, a building located in the outskirts of Shanghai. To take advantage of its exceptional location –facing a lake and embraced by nature–, the owner decided to revitalize the venue through the application of a new design concept. In June 2015, LATITUDE got commissioned to explore the renovation strategy that would redefine this building’s identity. Our tasks covered from interior refurbishment to the redesign of outdoor areas such as the terrace, the façade and the surrounding landscape.

Regarding the façade, some of the wooden battens on floors and the façade itself were damaged. We proposed to replace the damaged ones with natural color pinewood, decision that later extended to the flooring areas. The lower part of the façade was using decorative stones as a finishing material. We removed them to leave the concrete wall completely visible after restoration through an anti-carbonation process. This process also prevents future damage to the concrete wall in case of contact with lake water.

We also replaced the existing outdoor installations –handrail and multiple canopies–, with a light textile structure that makes the lakefront area more welcoming and enjoyable. This gives a soft and elegant touch to the building while offsetting the hard appearance given by materials such as stone and steel. In addition, the current terrace has been extended a few steps towards the lake, offering a relaxing outdoor lounge area that connects customers with nature, under the comfortable shadow produced by tailor-made canopies.

Regarding interiors, the kitchen was enlarged and reshaped to create an optimized workspace that better fits the layout of the coffee bar area. The interior has two floors. The first floor is divided into three sitting areas: two of them for coffee and tea, and two private rooms for group dinners. The underground floor was completely refurbished, eliminating all vertical partitions to create a visually open space divided into different atmospheres brought by new furniture arrangements.

In general terms, the building remains classy while tuned in with modern demands, making it more connected with nature and outdoor activities.

The finishes and materials were chosen to match a formal and contemporary look, while also erasing the nostalgic appearance of ages past.




该项目意在对铭咖啡进行重新装修,它是一座位于上海外郊的建筑。充分利用其特殊地理位置-面向湖泊四周自然环抱,业主希望通过运用设计新理念,让其重新焕发活力。 2015年6月,纬度建筑接受委托,开始思索装修方案,重新定位。我们承接了从室内整修到室外区域的重新设计工作,例如露台,外立面以及周围景观。






Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2015 ~ 2016
Type: Commission
Status: Completed
Client: Shanghai Wei Mings-Food Co., Ltd.
Program: 550 m2
Budget: 110,000€
Services: Architecture
Sector: Leisure
Architects: Latitude Architectural Group
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Team (A~Z): Jorge Cortes de Castro, Cherry Fan, Andrea Ramos Rodriguez
Photographer: Boris Bohsem
Online featurings:
ArchDaily, 2016.09.01
AECCafe, 2016.09.01