During July 2015, LATITUDE took part in the EUROPAN 13 competition among 1,305 entries submitted on 49 sites in 15 different European countries.

Backgound information:
The EUROPAN 13 competition: a European competition of urban and architectural projects leading to implementation, conducted in partnership with European municipalities, local authorities and clients. This session topic was: The Adaptable City: Self-Organization – Sharing – Project (Process).

The participating cities were confronted to the major challenges concerning the adaptability of European cities: adaptation to the need for more sustainable development but also to the context of an economic crisis that most of the European cities are currently undergoing. They also proposed concrete innovations in the order given by the site representatives, arousing new project approaches by young competitors.

Design Brief:


In this competition, we proposed “Together is more” for Kartepoha neighborhood (Jyväskylä, Finland). Our proposal aims to transform this urban and social reality by incorporating residences for different social segments; commercial and recreational facilities; and work spaces.

The organizers in Finland and Europan Suomi Finland commented our proposal with: “The floor plans of the dwellings have been carefully researched and the axonometric illustrations of them are very illuminative. The discussion on the various user groups and resident profiles is very welcome and exceptional among the competition entries. The two-storey spaces and lofts, as well as the spatiality at the level of dwelling design, are successful.

Complete information:

LATITUDE-EUROPAN-JYVASKYLA_01-historic image-low


For this purpose, we inject more building density in order to create a community spirit. By doing so, we believe to leverage Kartepoha strengths and its social potentiality.

The episode we have imagined for Kartepoha near future is closely linked with a mixed model of inhabitants (students, young families and elderly people), and different types of economic activities. Each building of the proposal combines private and common spaces, so that the interrelationship between neighbors increases and enhances.

Together is more is a phase-by-phase operation: it is divided into four phases of construction, in addition to the preliminary steps. In just over four years the whole plan will be complete.
Situated in Jyväskylä, Finland, Kartepoha is a neighborhood which was built in the sixties under the precepts of the Garden City concept idea. It currently combines both high‐rise and low‐rise buildings forming a typical open‐landscape‐residential environment.

Despite the best wish with which the neighborhood was planned, the results can be assimilated with the typical poor urban life characteristics of any city suburbs: the no‐existence of an urban environment that fosters social interaction with work, commercial and recreational facilities, which result is an isolated life style form adopted by its neighbors.










YEAR: 2015
TYPE: Competition
STATUS: Proposal
CLIENT: City of Jyväskylä, Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä JYY and NCC Group in Jyväskylä
PROGRAM: 17,000 m2 of residential space
TEAM: Andrea Ramos, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Lucia Bravo