WATER CUBED -Hereinafter WATER3- is a sink that uses and reuses water up to three times.
With the simplicity of an old granite sink, its bath-oriented culture and an ergonomic shape, WATER3 deals with the global water scarcity by contributing and implementing an enjoyable-water-saving culture.

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The one-meter tall WATER3 has two main parts. The top is where the sink is established. The body is where pipes and deposit are situated. Those parts, body and upper area, are wrapped with Corian material that gives a continuous and smooth surface to the WATER3 from bottom to top and continues with the inner area of the sink.


With no need of additional knowledge and/or special skills, the user of WATER3 can easily select the program that he/she wants according to s/her necessities each time.
A simple interface, on the right and left hand of the sink, allows choosing one of the three programs:
Program 1: the amount of water is determined for a standard use and is moved in circles until the user has finished.
Program 2: the amount of water is not determined and the water runs freely.
Program 3: the water situated in the deposit, below the sink, that has been accumulated from previous uses is transformed into steam in order to humidify the space.


Most of the times, the water from our domestic taps is used once only. It arrives in liquid state and leave as liquid.
WATER3 fosters the controlled use of the water for the ordinary -and most frequent- hands-and-face-watching use. Being a fixed quantity of water that circulates until the user has finished with it.
Moreover, once this predetermined amount of water has been used for washing purpose, the water is hot by ultrasonic device and is transformed into steam.
Besides the obvious advantages: no taps liking, no opening and closing lids, saving water, no switching on devices, elegant performance, comfort, safety, easy cleaning, ease of use, WATER3 provokes that feeling of being closer to the natural water circle. By understanding the natural origin of the water and its states, sustainability is not an effort but a natural reaction of respect to the natural element.

More and more people are living in cities. 50% percent of the population is now living in urban areas with little contact with Nature and with natural elements. Concrete, glass and steel create an artificial world where citizens start not relating the natural resources (food, water, materials) with their origins. WATER3 makes the user to engage into the natural circuit of the water. Besides having sensory experiences in the use of WATER3, it creates new standards for the understanding and use of the water.
Being sustainable becomes a natural habit when citizens have a relation with water as a natural element that supports our mankind life.

Year: 2015
Type: Competition
Status: Proposal
Client: Roca
Program: washroom innovation
Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
Team: Andrea Ramos Rodriguez, Bo Liu, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Lisa Bai, Lucia Bravo Guinea
@LATITUDE (www.latitudestudio.eu)