Over the past two months, we have been working on seeking renovation solutions for MINGs Cafe (Shanghai, China).In order to make our design intention understood, we would like to present a group of before&after diagrams in comparison.
This article focuses on explaining renovation approach from Architecture perspective, the interior design will be unveiled in the next article.We hope you will find our ideas interesting and stay tuned with our work progress!


South Elevation of the current state and proposal↓


LATITUDE-20150824_mings_1Some of the current wooden battens of the facade are damaged. We propose removing the damaged battens and replacing them with new ones; afterwards the facade will be sanded and varnished. The existing canopies are in a poor condition and its aesthetic is dirty and old. We propose replacing them with a light textile canopies which will give an enjoyable image to the building.


North Elevation of the current state and proposal↓



The existing air conditioner machines are too visible due to its location at the front facade. We suggest to move them to the eastern facade, in order to hide it from the visitors view. The northern part of wooden deck, the one just above the water level, remove its fence. Thus, wooden deck floor will be extended to the north, adding a few steps that will reach the water level.


West Elevation of the current state and proposal↓



The current stone on the facade is damaged. We propose removing it and making visible the concrete walls treating them properly.


East Elevation of the current state and proposal↓



The existing wooden fence is in a poor condition and its aesthetic is heavy and old. We propose replacing it with a light wood fence of few elements for a better visual connection with the water.



We care you to know our design progress as well, not only the design result.