Selected by Beijing Financial Street Mall and collaborated with “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, LATITUDE is designing a pavilion of 200 square meters, which will be open to the public during the month of April. This pavilion is dedicated to immerse urbanites in the mood of spring, hence LATITUDE named it “The Pavilion of Spring”.
With a common platform and five different rooms -each representing different aspects of the Spring- the pavilion is an open platform made of wood, steel and plastic film. The center is occupied by a “Agora” where concerts, conferences and events will be carried during the month.
The functions? Several: exhibition of paintings; artworks; events and conferences; live music shows, and most importantly, to have fun interacting with other visitors!

web_spring pavilion

纬度将该馆取名为“春天展馆”,我们为其选用的主要材料是原木、钢和聚乙烯薄膜。“春天展馆” 意在吸引都市人们来到场馆内亲近春天,沉浸在春天的美好之中:展馆由中央下沉式舞台及多个不同主题的空间组成,形成有机一体的展览区。中央下沉式广场被寓意为“Agora”,展出期间,它将为不同类型的活动提供场地。
展馆功能? 诸多,如:绘画展示、艺术品陈列、活动举办、演讲、现场音乐表演等,最重要的是人们可以在展馆内尽情互动!请通过我们的社交平台(Facebook和微信公众页)了解场馆设计实时进展。